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Meet The Clinicians at Puglisi Counseling in Northeast PA
At Puglisi Counseling we understand that the key to successful treatment is the ability to connect and find the right fit with your therapist. Establishing a therapeutic relationship with your clinician is a vital component to the healing process.
When an individual is seeking a therapist, it is important that they find confidence in their therapist’s knowledge and skill set, as well as the ability to connect on a level that will promote trust. That is why we believe it is essential that you can play a part in choosing who you will work with.
Our team of highly skilled psychotherapists are here to provide the support and guidance you need to improve your life. We are person-centered and solution-focused and ready to help you achieve your goals. We promise to bring compassion, experience, empathy, and presence to every session as you embark on your journey.
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Meet the Team at Puglisi Counseling

The following clinicians are available at our Scranton office and also available for virtual/telehealth sessions. Contact your preferred clinician today to schedule an appointment or ask questions.
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