Anissa Salerno

Anissa Salerno


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Anissa Salerno, PMHNP-BC is a child and adult Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner practicing at Puglisi Counseling. Anissa manages and treats a wide range of mental health concerns including ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and Schizophrenic Spectrum Disorders. Her approach to care recognizes that every patient is unique and should be treated as such.
Anissa provides psychiatric evaluations and medication management with special attention to individual needs, including to each patient’s personal history, his or her specific context, stressful or traumatic life experiences or circumstances, each patient’s particular concerns about, or fears of medications. All of which she approaches with patience, warmth, understanding, and helpful explanations that facilitate treatment and the patient’s sense of comfort and trust. She approaches treatment from a nonjudgmental space allowing the professional relationship to develop. This approach is successful in meeting the needs and desired outcomes of each individual client. Anissa’s primary focus is providing honest communication with her patients and quality resources for all those involved.

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