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About Puglisi Counseling

About Puglisi Counseling
Puglisi Counseling, LLC provides in-person and telehealth-based psychotherapy treatment in Scranton, while servicing Northeast Pennsylvania. Our therapists are trained in providing cost-effective, high-quality psychotherapy to our community’s children, families, and adults. The therapist of Puglisi Counseling has extensive training in working with a variety of experiences including anxiety, depression, anger, stress and more. We take pride in offering a client-centered, humanistic approach to working with individuals as they strive to achieve their desired goals.
At Puglisi Counseling, we believe that though the past cannot be changed, we have the power to pause, think, reframe, and react as we navigate the uncertainty of the future. Life is an ever-changing and often challenging endeavor that can cause us to sometimes feel alone and defeated. However, we believe healing is possible and you deserve support as you realize your best sense of self.
Our office understands the importance of taking the first step in starting therapy and the bravery it sometimes takes in taking that chance. That is why we promise to actively work with all clients in understanding their worldviews and exploring their emotional needs. We consider it a privilege to work side by side with clients as they complete the journey to reaching their full potential. We take pride in understanding the various circumstances one’s life can play in the progression of therapy. You can rest assured that we will maintain a positive outlook for your future, as we help guide you through the navigation of life’s difficulties.
Puglisi Counseling believes that collaboration and partnership with other professionals can sometimes be a vital part of successful treatment. When it is required of us, the clinicians at our practice will partner with doctors, teachers, case managers, and other helping professionals to ensure proper coordination of care and high-quality service. We can offer specialty services including treatment for personality disorders, trauma focused care, anxiety reduction and mindfulness-based practice.
As the founder of Puglisi Counseling, it’s my privilege, and my passion to support you in finding healthy ways to establish harmony and balance in your life.

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