Seasonal Patterns: When Therapy Takes a Summer Vacation


Just as the first warm winds of summer grace Scranton, Pennsylvania, we see a peculiar shift in our practice at Puglisi Counseling, LLC. As vacations get booked and beach towels are dusted off, therapy appointments mysteriously begin to ebb. It’s an intriguing pattern that reflects the wider societal rhythm of work and leisure. Just like gym attendance declines post-January resolution spike, therapy sessions tend to dip as summer commences. Yet, there’s a critical distinction between these scenarios. While a gym resolution might come and go, mental health isn’t a fleeting commitment. It requires continuous care, regardless of the season, much like a garden needs regular watering to bloom.

Unpacking summer therapy myths: the long-term impact

At first glance, skipping a few therapy sessions during the summer might seem as inconsequential as forgetting to apply sunscreen on a cloudy day. However, just like that deceptive sunburn that appears when you least expect it, neglecting your mental health services during these sun-soaked months can have long-term implications. A break in therapy can disrupt the rhythm of progress, like forgetting the steps of a dance. It may lead to an interruption in your ability to manage your mental health effectively, making it harder to get back on track once the leaves start to fall. In essence, consistency is vital.

The power of continuity: therapy beyond seasons

Consistency in therapy is like learning a musical instrument. You don’t become proficient by practicing sporadically. It’s the regular rehearsals that build skill, confidence, and progress. Similarly, a steady relationship with a mental health professional offers a safe space to navigate and manage emotions, fostering resilience and adaptability.

Contrary to the perception of therapy as a winter pursuit, therapy is a year-round endeavor. Consistent therapy isn’t about resisting summer’s charm; it’s about creating a reliable support system that stands strong, regardless of the changing seasons.

Rather than seeing summer as a break from therapy, let’s shift our perception. Just as we consciously make time for vacation, why not make time for our mental health? After all, our minds deserve as much care and relaxation as our bodies do.

Summer opportunities: outdoor sessions and nature therapy

Summer, with its generous daylight and warmer temperatures, could be an opportunity to engage more deeply with our mental health journey. It’s a chance to bask in self-awareness and understanding, much like sunbathing, but for the soul.

And who said therapy needs to be confined to four walls? Summer is ripe with opportunities to embrace alternative therapy environments. Perhaps you could try a walking therapy session, breathing in the serenity of nature while discussing your week’s highs and lows.

The season lends itself well to a different kind of mental health engagement. By combining the benefits of therapy with the therapeutic properties of nature, you might find new perspectives and insights flourishing amidst the lush summer greenery.

The ‘always-on’ support: psychiatry and mental health services

Here at Puglisi Counseling, we stand committed to offering uninterrupted support throughout the year. Our psychiatry and mental health services are tailored to ensure you receive the support needed, whether it’s under the blossoming trees of spring or the rich colors of autumn. Because, in the end, the best time for therapy is always ‘now’. It’s a year-round commitment that promotes resilience, greater self-understanding, and an improved overall well-being.

Your mental health matters to us, no matter the season. If you find yourself grappling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or any other mental health concerns this summer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Puglisi Counseling, LLC. We’re here to provide the support and guidance you need, helping you navigate through these challenges and towards a healthier, more balanced mindset. Remember, therapy isn’t just a seasonal pursuit — it’s a year-round commitment to your well-being. We’re here whenever you’re ready to start or continue that journey.

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