Ten Steps to Conflict Resolution


Conflict: it’s a normal situation that is bound to happen in almost any relationship, be it family, friendships, partnerships or even work relationships. Conflict is something you may actively try to avoid or perhaps you find yourself knee deep in it often and you don’t know how to navigate.

Conflict manifests from many things but often it is focused on a disagreement. Do we need to avoid having disagreements to shy away and actively avoid conflict? No because it’s never a good thing to avoid an uncomfortable topic just because you are afraid of the outcome. Instead, it’s time to learn how to navigate and resolve conflict in a healthy and productive manner.

First, let’s discuss some of the conflict resolution styles there are:

If we pick any resolution style besides number 4, we are most definitely not going to make real progress on creating lasting solutions to our problems. However, when we come together, we can make mutually acceptable solutions where everyone wins.

But how do we achieve this type of resolution? Simple! We’re going to follow the basic ten steps to conflict resolution:

Now that you know how to engage in conflict resolution, ensure you have ground rules set. 

Ground Rules for Conflict Resolution:

Remember, conflict is inevitable! It is important to resolve conflict rather than avoid it. If you follow these steps, you are much more likely to see a much more positive resolution than if you were to actively avoid or place blame. It takes practice to learn the steps, but it’s important not to get discouraged or give up. You’re only human after all. But you can and will learn to successfully resolve conflict.

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